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Over 16 years of scientific research

Today, Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research. The company is composed of two complementary business units: the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps and a contract research and development sector in the field of mosquito repellents and related products.
Biogents traps are the latest innovation in mosquito control traps. They incorporate patented technology and were originally developed to enable researchers all over the world monitor various mosquito species.
Biogents traps are used by scientists, healthcare professionals, pest control operators, and private households worldwide. Numerous independent scientific studies have been conducted with Biogents traps all over the world, and they have been successfully proven to be the most effective mosquito traps on the market.

Biojents BG-Snap





Biogents AG was founded in 2002 by Dr. Geier and Dr. Rose as a spin-off from the Institute of Zoology at the University of Regensburg, Germany. Over 16 years of thorough scientific research in the areas of insect behavior and mosquito olfactory senses has lead to the development of an innovative trapping technology.

Why Biogents

Biogents Skin Odor Dispensers

Biogents dispensers consist of a patented combination of non-toxic substances that are specifically found in the human skin. Each of the components imitates a part of the main components of the human skin that mosquitoes are attracted to. This patented mixture of human skin compounds is the result of 16 years of academic research into the host-finding behavior of mosquitoes at the Zoological Department of the University of Regensburg, Germany.
Specially designed dispensers release the three compounds in a specific quantity, composing a finely tuned pattern of synergistic attractants. The particular light and permeable dispensers of the three different odors guarantee an optimally timed release of the scent into the surrounding area. All odors are classified as non-toxic and enhance the attractiveness of the traps for blood seeking insects that prefer to feed on humans, especially the tiger mosquitoes.